Not just a convenience store. We're a DESTINATION!
Not just a convenience store. We're a DESTINATION!

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January 20th


Friday night trail report: Great conditions! Of course, we always want more snow but the groomed trails are fantastic, especially after considering last week's warm up and rain. Thank you, Groomers for all of your volunteerism making our trails safe and enjoyable!


Took a ride from Shurtleff to Tupper Lake via Conifer then to Seveys Point. All trails were groomed and flat. The washouts on those trails were frozen and safe but a couple of trails are still closed due to the... water. Ran into a group coming from Cranberry and another solo rider heading to South Colton. He had to do some logging road avoidance but didn't seem to mind.


Tomorrow we're heading to Horseshoe for a weenie roast (just had to say that?) and expect those trails to be terrific. Weather looks cooperative for a sunny day and warm temps. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy this among the many other riders we saw today. Cheers, be safe and THANK THE GROOMERS!


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