Not just a convenience store. We're a DESTINATION!
Not just a convenience store. We're a DESTINATION!

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              Not just a convenience store...   We are a DESTINATION!!!!


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  • Seveys Point (Monday, January 15 18 12:06 pm EST)

    Thanks for the idea, Jim! We're still trying to find the best use for the "Shack" so chime in any time.

  • Tim Cliff (Saturday, February 18 17 09:45 am EST)

    I heard you purchased and rent out the old backwoods on 56. if so how much is it to rent the building for the weekend and how many beds are there ? thank you tim

  • Kate Shannon (Monday, October 10 16 06:26 pm EDT)

    Hi - Just wondering what you have in the way of ready-made meals. Do you make pizzas? Subs?

  • Joseph Wisniewski (Tuesday, June 28 16 09:39 am EDT)

    Thank You for having your gas pumps available 24 hours and safely lit up too!!!!!!

    In the wee hours of a morning on a trip back from Boston to Canton, we realized in Tupper Lake that we were going to be a bit short on gas:O:O After stopping at EVERY gas station in Tupper Lake only
    to find out that NONE OF THEM offered 24 hour pumps:S:S Thankfully one of the bartenders at P2's stated that your pumps were available 24 hours!! You guys are lifesavers (my wife and kids were going
    to kill me:D:D:D:D), Thank You so much!!!!!!!!!


6 AM to 6 PM


6 AM to 8 PM


7 AM to 8 PM


7 AM to 6 PM

****24 HOUR GAS****






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